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So passionate... it's almost scary?

Maybe they love cats, and have 137 of them.



We wanna marry it... We look at lead tracking spreadsheets like some people look at all you can eat buffets… they get us excited!

If you can point out your perfect customer, we’ll find a way to clone them.

If you say you want to be seen, we’ll clone you, too!



If you’ve got a campaign in mind, we will figure out how to track it, improve it, and repeat it.

Call us, we’ve got a heart-on for marketing data and we want to share the love!


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David Carroll CEO

About David

David Carroll is the CEO of DOPE Marketing, but is also a serial entrepreneur, and the rule-breaking visionary behind Dope360: our automated Direct Mail marketing tool.

David is 34 years old and has been an entrepreneur since starting his first business at 24. David’s first business, Lions Share Maintenance, is based in St.Paul, Minnesota. Lions Share has 15 employees with an annual sales of 1.2million per year and pretty much grows itself now.

David has phased himself out of Lions Share over the last few years to focus on his dope new passion for direct mail, data, and the true automation of traditional marketing.

David also started his first data compiling business, A Type Data, in 2015. A Type Data provides business and consumer data lists including postal, telemarketing, and email information to businesses that want to market their services to new customers. A Type Data offers several list services including; list purchasing, data appending, and data analysis. David quickly saw that the data business needed a branded marketing front end, so he opened DOPE Marketing. DOPE Marketing is the front-facing marketing business that uses and executes on the data sold by A Type Data, in addition to providing our clients with the greatest marketing tools of all time; including ringless voicemails, yard signs, door hangers, and a lot more!


Joe Cote COO

About Joe

Joe Cote is the COO of Dope Marketing.

Joe and CEO David Carroll are assembling the greatest army of marketing coaches (with all the best marketing tools) that the world has ever seen.


To turn mediocre marketers into DOPE marketers.

In Joe's early career he created the world’s largest dance website (, and founded + exited both an active apparel brand, and an international touring agency.

Today, Joe's recent work includes the naming, marketing strategy, and visual identity design of hundreds of companies, including DOPE MARKETING.

Joe has been an untamable serial entrepreneur since he can remember, and he loves to share the lessons he has learned along the bumpy road of brand building with anyone who is making the world more awesome.

Fun Fact:
Joe is a native New Hampshirite, and ex-New Yorker living in Rincon, Puerto Rico, and he has a guest house called Mango Mountain.


Mamun Miah Designer

About Mamun

Mamun Miah is on the Design Team at DOPE Marketing.

Mamun loves to strategize every day with the sales and marketing teams to create designs that convert leads faster than our competitors. With this kind of attention to detail, you can rely on the ROI of Mamun's designs.


Mamun designs with your ROI at heart, every time. He knows that because he does, you'll be back.
In Mamun's early career he was an active freelancer at Fiverr, which landed him a prestigious design position in Dhaka City. Today, Mamun is back in school for his computer science and engineering degree, and always improving his skills.
Mamun tries to do something special with every campaign and believes that diligence can pay off for anyone. Look at him, he started out at the age of 18 and built a career for himself, from scratch. Mamun says “Nothing is Impossible. Work hard and you will achieve it.”

Fun Fact:
Mamun is a native of Bangladesh and living in Tangail, just north of the capital, Dhaka. Mamun loves work, food, and the countryside and he has a village house in Dayem Luhuria which is also his Birthplace.


Megan Belcher Marketing Coach

About Megan

Megan Belcher is a Marketing Coach with Dope Marketing.

Megan has been growing mid-sized service companies and agencies for a long time, and is multifaceted in the roles that she takes on. Megan’s work ranges in sales, marketing, and management within healthcare, staffing and recruiting, and she has found a new love of sharing her marketing know-how here at DOPE!

Megan’s ability to see inside your business, listen to your sales goals, and help you make them happen is her recipe for success. She takes each client by the hand and takes responsibility for every dollar they spend!

Megan has always had a fire lit for assisting a broad range of clients with whatever needs they may be having to improve their businesses!

Fun Fact: Megan hails from Northeast Texas, and has resided in Austin for the past 12 years. She considers herself an amateur horticulturist and has over 75 plants, not including her garden that's filled with peppers & herbs!


Birynne Carroll Marketing Coach

About Birynne

Birynne Carrol, a Marketing Coach specializing in Yard Sign Marketing here at DOPE has been managing service teams for as long as she can remember. Birynne's recent experience running a successful home maintenance company means she speaks the language of entrepreneurs everywhere.

Birynne is familiar with all forms of lead generation for service-based businesses. With a die-hard focus on the details and a fast turnaround time on every order, she keeps our Yard Sign team well organized and can easily guide any yard sign campaign to the best ROI possible through proper messaging, strategy, placement, and design.

Fun Fact:
Birynne is the head of a household of 5, with 3 kids, and there isn't a marketing campaign on earth that is more complex than keeping up with her family schedule!