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4 Types Of Copywriting Styles - Website/ Landing Page 

When it comes to DOPE ad writing, there are 4 different copywriting styles to choose from. 

Story Telling (or Storytelling) ads paint a vivid picture with a story. Depending on the request, the story could be about a fictional character (kind of like Jake from State Farm) OR based on a real user experience, expanded into a story. 


Informational ads are fact-based ads from testimonials or user stories. For an informational ad, you will provide service benefits, advantages of using your company/service or lists of benefits and/or advantages around using the product. 


Direct Sales Pitch ad is designed to push a sale/signup/etc now - Here's the product, here's the price, Buy Now. Great for landing pages or copywriting done for seasonal or specific offers. 


If you want our DOPE writers to do their thing, you can also select "Writer to Choose Style" and we will pick a style that we think would best work for your ad. 


The type you choose is based on your goal with the ad. Oftentimes clients select an ad style but tell us to choose what we think is best if we think a different style would work better. Just getting started with using our services? You might consider 2 different orders for the same campaign to see what works best for your theme, then move forward with that style order. 


Have questions? Our team is always here to help. Message us directly using the chat widget on the site or send an email to 

3 Types of Facebook/Instagram/Google Copywriting Styles 



If your goal is for the reader to leave the ad and go to your landing page or website then conversion is the objective for you. If you want ads that are written to sell your product or service by generating leads, conversion ads are for you. 



If your goal is for the reader to interact with your ad as in Like, Share, or Comment; choose engagement for your objective. Great for page lists that you plan on Boosting on Facebook 



If your goal is to plant a seed in your audience’s mind, get your brand name out there, share a core idea or value, maybe even point out a problem with the status quo or your competition, then awareness is the objective for your campaign. Awareness posts are great for your monthly content calendar.