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Send Automatic Postcards To Your Website Visitors

The DOPE Pixel allows you to collect information from anonymous visitors of your website, then send a custom postcard to them, without you lifting a finger. Think of all the potential customers who visit your website, click around, price shop, then get distracted and leave your site. With the DOPE Pixel, you can collect info from potential leads on your website then have a postcard auto fire to their mailbox. We can even help you set up a QR code and tracking number so that you can track the ROI from your postcard campaigns. These are people who DON'T fill out a form or engage with your website. Just visitors, checking out the site, comparing you against your competition, clicking around, then LEAVING.  



  • Pixel set up is $1,000.00 - one-time setup fee - Ask About THIS MONTHS Specials on Set Up Fees 

  • $100.00 per month - Up to 400 matches 

  • $1.29-$0.69 per postcard - Ask about DOPE Packages to lower your postcard costs 

The average customer spends $150.00 to $300.00 per month on postcards, depending on how many website visitors you receive per month and what DOPE package you are on. 

Capture The Name, Address and Email Of Your Website Visitors