When you want a sudden and unignorable campaign to automatically trigger at certain times, or at the click of a button, BLITZ PACKAGES are the answer. Are you a roofer chasing storm damage? Are you working on a high profile project in a new area? Just pick the group of services you want on your BLITZ. No longer will you have to scramble to get your designs ready, or find your own data lists. We do it all. The most popular BLITZ combination includes a MARKETING LIST, RINGLESS VOICEMAILS, and POSTCARDS, but smart marketers will add additional touchpoints such as DOOR HANGERS, PROMO PRODUCTS, and/or YARD SIGNS in order to increase their overall impact. Once you have your touchpoints decided on, either provide a marketing list or purchase one from us and let the games begin!



  1. ROI goes up for every dollar spent when a prospect is shown your marketing in multiple ways. Could you ignore a company that sent you a postcard, left you a ringless voicemail, was all over your Facebook feed, and also had a yard sign on your street? Probably not.
  2. You’ll combine 2, 3, or 4 marketing agencies into one. Gone are the days of trying to coordinate your Data Purchasing, Postcards, Yard Signs and Ringless Voicemail into the same campaign across multiple vendors. DOPE does it all.
  3. Advance setup: Set up your campaigns in advance and trigger them for rapid event marketing. Perfect for storm chasing, stock market crash and recovery, new product and service launches, and for any marketing campaign that you want to be maximally effective.


Double The Direct Marketing: When recording a Ringless Voicemail, refer to the postcards and coupons that your prospect just received from you to increase your lead close ratio.

Trackable Call Leads: When deciding on your phone number, choose a call tracking number inside the DOPE360 dashboard, and track every call that comes in. Never lose another lead’s info again.

Wanna learn more about multi-touch marketing blitzes? Take a look at a recent Keynote Speech from our founder on the topic!

Dave's Keynote

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DATA, CONTACTS & LISTS, OH MY! Know who you want? We'll find them, and their friends!

  • Great for new neighborhood blitzes & storm chaser campaigns!
  • Ask about specialty lists like 'property managers' and 'YouTube stars'. Or, create your own.
  • Great for FB Lookalike Audiences, Ringless Voicemail Drops, Direct Mail etc.
  • Free DOPE360 Lead Tracking Dashboard.

BUSINESS CONTACTS start at 10¢ each

...with just postal address and phone, or 25¢ including email.


...with just postal address and phone, or 15¢ including email.

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