The Dopest Postcards



DOPE postcards are big, glossy, and beautiful!

We offer only two sizes BIG - 6” tall by 9” wide and BIGGER - 11” tall by 8.5” wide.

You can get a stack to hand out at parties, or you can have us deliver them to a direct mail list for you, or you can have us run an EDDM campaign with them for you.

The world is your oyster, let’s eat!


Dope Benefits

  1. Throwing out junk mail is a pain in the ass. It's actually the only form of marketing that can legally enter the home without invitation! You have to physically touch a postcard, and that’s why we think they are DOPE. When was the last time you touched a facebook ad or a text message? Be unignorable.
  2. Free design for your first order. Yup. Free.
  3. Adding Ringless Voicemails to your Postcard campaign can improve the response rates by up to ~80%! ROI goes up for every dollar spent when a prospect is shown your marketing in multiple ways. Could you ignore a company that sent you a postcard, left you a ringless voicemail, was all over your facebook feed, and also had a yard sign on your street? Probably not.
  4. You’ll combine 2, 3 or 4 marketing agencies into one. Gone are the days of trying to coordinate your Data Purchasing, Postcards, Yardsigns and Ringless Voicemail into the same campaign across multiple vendors. DOPE does it all.
  5. Advance setup: Set up your campaigns in advance and trigger them for rapid event marketing. Perfect for storm chasing, stock market crash and recovery, new product and service launches, and for any marketing campaign that you want to be maximally effective.


No-Postage Cards Starts @ $106.61 for 1,000

Most Popular

Direct Mail Postcards Starts @ $.99 each with postage

EDDM Postcards Starts @ $.60 each with everything

The Dopest ROI

Postcards are one of the most used, most lucrative, and most easily misunderstood forms of direct mail marketing around.

Want to know what could sink your campaign before it gets started?

Well, we wrote the book on it, the playbook that is. Download it here to maximize the lead gen potential of your next campaign.


Our Clients L❤️VE Us


I've run a few campaigns with Dope Marketing at this point, and I'm just going to say that they live up to their name.

R. Adler, Phoenix, AZ

Great company to work with. This team has done a great job with our printed materials and much more. Highly Recommended!

Joe L., Mountville, PA


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  • Window Cleaning

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