When you want your customers to have something that they can hold and keep by their side to remember you by, you need something DOPE. A daily reminder that will reflect really well on you and your business. That’s why at DOPE, our swag is beaten up, kicked around, stomped on, and just generally put through their paces. We don’t put the DOPE name on junk, and neither should you. Are you trying to win a major account and need a leave-behind that proves you are a pro? Are you sending gifts to your top 100 customers this holiday season? Just browse our prequalified gallery of DOPE swag, make your purchase, and the DOPE Design team will be in touch to get your order moving free-of-charge.



  1. ROI goes up when swag last… for every additional day on their desk, YOU get an additional day of marketing spend. So, you can trust that DOPE products, are the DOPEST, most quality products possible because great ROI is our goal.
  2. You’ll combine 2, 3 or 4 marketing agencies into one. Gone are the days of trying to coordinate your Swag, Postcards, Yardsigns, Data Purchasing, and Ringless Voicemails into the same campaign across multiple vendors. DOPE does it all.
  3. Advance setup: Reordering is easy, set up your preferred swag and order at the drop of a hat.

Our Clients L❤️VE Us


There is literally nothing cooler than seeing your customer drink from your mug year after year after year. DOPE swag is great quality.

Rick, J., Manchester, NH

I bought a box of DOPE customer loyalty cards for my coffee shop and business is up 10% year over year.

Seriously should have done it a long time ago.

J. Wiggs, UTAH


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