I just sent a DOPE voicemail drop, what should I do next?

If you purchased a call tracking number, open your DOPE 360 dashboard while you respond to the replies and phone calls that come in from your campaign. As the calls ring in, the callers will be compared to DOPE Marketing’s national database of phone numbers and we will pull the associated data for those numbers into your platform so that you have the information that you need to close the deal. If you did NOT use a DOPE Marketing call tracking phone numbner, just make sure that you are ready for the DOPE voicemail drop return calls as they come in, and track every new lead. You will have a lot of follow up to do. Pro tip: Send out a postcard campaign that coincides with your DOPE voicemail drop campaign through your DOPE Marketing coach or through DOPE 360 and increase the ROI of both campaigns.

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